what’d you do today…

June 25, 2009

you know the question.  have you ever really kept track?  you’d need a notebook really, but here’s my best try just off of memory.

5 am… try to find brian’s alarm clock, because he is to delirious to shut it off.  ( a pet peeve of mine)

6 am… uncover and push brian out of bed

8am… wake up and wonder what the heck time it is.  it looks light out, but I’m still so tired.  (apparently from the new muscle relaxer the doctor prescribed for my tension headaches)

8:10am… answer phone thinking ‘who would call me so early’.  my good friend who gets up at 5, that’s who.  talk for a few minutes about upcoming family camp.

8:20am… go to get cole out of bed.  get him untwisted and back into a comfortable position.  he wants to know, ‘who’s that?’.  meaning, who was on the phone.  I tell him.  he goes on to say he loves her, he wants to kiss her and when can we go to her house.  I tell him later.  he isn’t dropping it.  knowing this will last until we call her, I call back so cole can say hi.  she talks to him for a minute and then we talk about little difficulties with children for a minute and then we gotta go.

8:30am… I lay with cole for awhile talking about when we will go play and what we are going to do today.  i pull him over to the side to help him stretch.

8:45am… carry cole out to his ‘thinking chair’.  turn on elmo.

8:50am… get dressed in my exercise clothes.  (this is my new plan for getting my exercise in.  I wear the clothes until I get it done, which is hopefully before I have to leave the house.)

8:55am… get the kids some cereal.  (we have those little boxes that come in a group pack.  I think the first time I ever bought them.)  surprisingly, no arguments.  we’ll see about tomorrow.

9:00am… start feeding cole.  say hi to our helper, talk about what we have to get done today.

9:15am… try to figure out if cole has enough medications for the next week or if I need to get refills today.

9:30am… call my love.  (I always call in the morning)  he’s busy.  we’ll talk later.

okay, let’s forget the timeline or this will take forever.

straighten my bed and punkin’s.  put a load in the dryer.  unload and reload the dishwasher.  carry misc. items to their respective belongers rooms.  walk around eating my yogurt and granola, check email, tell everyone to round up their library books, try to get a timeline of our afternoon together in my head.

load up for the library, get some new books, wonder if dawson actually read for 7 hours this week to get his reading prize, forget the movie we checked out, (I’ll return that later), go home and get lunch packed for cole and cooking for dawson and punkin.  read to punkin, feed everyone, eat some heated up rice while standing in the kitchen, run through mental checklist of what we need before we head out the door again… swimsuit, lunch for cole, camera, that library movie.

load up again, drop off helper, drop off cole at therapy, pick up friend, drop off friend, get to last day of swimming lessons for gabrielle, watch and clap for her as she jumps in and swims back to the side.  YEAH, punkin passes guppies!! back to the house for a bit, eat a cookie, get the kids a snack, check facebook, gather up stuff to go swimming with friends after our next outing.  ohh, throw the ham in the crockpot!june '09 052

load up again, (this about 2:30 now) go to eye appointment and have glasses remade for the third and hopefully last time, exchange curtains (I got the wrong length the first time), back to the house to get the life jackets we forgot, pick up cole, go to friends to go swimming.

whew~  now, let me tell you that most of this day is going smoothly.  while we are busy, I am aware that luke is not with me, but I am doing okay.  I’m having a good day. 

now it is about 4:15.  we get to the pool and I hear a baby cry as we get out of the van … my heart sinks … sure enough, there is a baby.  it is the grandson of this friend who happens to have been born close to luke’s due date.  I just can’t look at him.  I want to get back in the van and go home.  we get in and play for awhile, I manage to keep my back to them … I don’t want to be rude, I don’t want them to think I don’t like them … I just… I don’t even know what to do!  there are other little kids playing too, so it is easy to be distracted … right up until they call for one of the little boys whose name is luke!  they all head out, I feel relieved … and bad … I wish I had more control over these emotions.  we swim some more and then, about 6, it is time to head home.  I wrestle cole into his pajamas, since he doesn’t especially like to get changed, and kind of flusteredly round up the kids to get home.

load up again, pull up to a garage full of neighbors looking at the pool table, say hi to everyone, unload kids, life jackets, towels, lunch bags, snack wrappers and the library movie that didn’t get returned.  ahhhhh!!

talk to neighbor about some serious hurts over the fence, head off to the library so we don’t get a late fee, come home and park the van for the LAST time today.  the kids are eating cheese pizza with brian, i make some fresh salsa (which is sooo awesome, if I do say so myself) and sit down for the first time to eat with brian and cole.  this is about 7:30 now.  dawson and punkin have gone outside to play monster with the neighborhood kids.

pick up kitchen, get dishwasher started, start blogging, stop blogging, read to punkin, get everyone tucked in, straighten living room, back to blog….  it’s therapeutic.

it is now a little after 10 and I am going to sit with brian and watch tv for awhile. 

praise and blessings to all you moms out there … I know you are just as busy or more so.


One Response to “what’d you do today…”

  1. Emily said

    Good grief! And I thought my day was busy! I don’t know how you manage it all, you must have some serious strength!!

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