August 6, 2009

so Gabrielle wants to be a cheerleader.  that’s fine.  I figure if I am going to be taking her to practice all the time I might as well be the coach.  I do have some cheerleader in my history.  I know about toe touches, herkies, high Vs, and low Vs.  our first coaches meeting was tonight. 


 I was excited to go tonight… honestly… but then as I pulled up to the town hall and saw the other cheerleader moms waiting out front, I felt all of high school coming back.  I started thinking, ‘how do I look?’, ‘will I fit in?’, ‘are these moms, the cool moms?’ … I mean absolutely ridiculous thoughts.  but they did creep up.  thankfully, I was able to dismiss them quickly.  (I’ve grown up abit.)

now inside the meeting, I am not expecting much.  the usual code of conduct, background check for coaching kids, a list of cheers maybe.  I was mistaken.  there were some serious cheerleader moms there.  you know,  ‘cheerleading is a real sport and it should be treated that way!’  and  ‘we should have the same rules as baseball and football.. 2 misses and you’re off the squad!’  I was beginning to wonder if I was in the right room.  I mean these are just little girls and this is just a way for them to have a little fun right?  apparently not for this group.  next, I found out who those parents are that are demanding the kids practice more and that practice is mandatory.  part of why I wanted to be coach was so I could opt out of the optional  thursday practice.  that might not be happening now.  these little kindergarten girls need to know their form and practice their jumps and start doing little stunts, right?!?! 

anyway,  me and my 5 little cheerleaders will be playing, ‘cheerleader says’ and coloring signs and working on being positive and encouraging.  no deductions from me if you wear your pink socks instead of your white ones.  I won’t keep you from lettering because you forgot your pompoms.  we’re just going to be cheerleaders because it is fun.  *\o/*  go team!


One Response to “cheerleading…”

  1. Joe said

    i like that approach. youth sports shouldn’t be so intense, but especially when they’re so young!

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