day trip, part 2…

August 30, 2009

yesterday was a good day.

first off, cole was doing some ‘volunteer’ work at church.  yes.  really.  he was part of a mock classroom to train in the new teachers.  he did wonderful and was very proud of himself for helping.

now, since cole was going to be gone doing something, I thought we (the other 4 of us) could go and do something.  at least I could go without feeling guilty because cole was doing something on his own.

we decided to go back to taylor falls for the day to do some more hiking and climbing.  it was great.  we stopped and had fresh doughnuts on our way into the park.  we hiked around off the beaten trail for a couple hours and then headed to a little park up the river to have a picnic.  it was so easy.  just in and out of the truck.  parking where ever we wanted.  sitting where ever we wanted.  going into what ever store we wanted.  no worries at all about ‘accessibility’.

after some more hiking, we played mini golf at a place we couldn’t have stopped before.  then we went to the sculpture park to let dawson and punkin run.  and they did.  they ran and climbed and slid and ran and went on the swings… nothing holding them back.  it was fun to watch.

next we went to stillwater and walked around looking in all the different little shops.  you’d think our kids have never got to do anything…. …. oh wait…. …. they haven’t.  everything was exciting.  even the antiques.  really.

we ate at a little burger joint along the main drag and then went looking for what we were told was the best ice cream deal in town.  we found it. and it was.  a child’s size was amazingly huge.  I mean heaping.  of course, what kid isn’t tickled to have an ice cream cone that is practically falling over.  those smiles said it all. 

we started heading home around 8:00.  as brian was in the gas station, dawson said, ‘mom, can we do the exact same thing next weekend?’.  I think they had fun.  I did.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … …

now let me tell you what was going on with cole!

after having a wonderful day of volunteer work at the church, cole came home to play with friends.  he stayed dry all day!!! and, he went on the potty with 2 new people!!!  I am beside myself about this!  I was expecting a couple of accidents, but NO!!  cole did it.  he came through in a big way.  it was just the icing on the cake.  a little pat on the back saying, ‘see it is okay.  cole’s a big boy.  your other kids need to go and do regular kid stuff.  have a little fun.  stop being so worried about everyone.’

thank you God for a good day all around…  more blessings than I could list.

Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!  Philippians 4:4


4 Responses to “day trip, part 2…”

  1. Dawn said

    Yeah for all of you–what a blessing.

  2. jennifer said


    nothing really to say. just a big smile. and much love.

  3. Debbie Tucker said

    I am so glad for your family. Cole did a wonderful job at church. He is a joy!

    I am glad you all had a great time at Taylor’s Falls and Stillwater. Nate went on Saturday and loved it. Kind of a “last fling” before all his friends leave for college or start school.

    We ate at Champs after church and was hoping we would run into your family! Now I know why we didn’t. Ha Ha.

    Love ya guys,

  4. Megan said

    It sounds like a great day, and hooray for Cole! That is awesome that he stayed dry all day. I bet you are one proud mama. 🙂

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