running on empty…

September 29, 2009

so I get a call at 7:30 this morning from a dear friend, who tries to tell me quickly that she nominated me for this ‘running on empty’ contest, and I won, and she’ll be there, and this is her favorite photographer, and how awesome this is, and we’ll learn so much, and this will be such a break and a few other things I’m forgetting.

I don’t function very well at 7:30, so it took some concentration to understand what was going on.  here I sit, on the couch, between cole, whom I am trying to feed an egg, and gabrielle, whom is on day 9 of an unexplainable fever.  I won???  I won what???  I’ve never won anything!  and now I’ve won something so awesome, so substantial.  something that I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t afford or find the time for.  and, my friend will be  there too?!?!  this is incredible!

of course I want to do some researching on the photographer, Me Ra Koh.  I want to talk to my friend about all of the plans for the weekend.  I want to make sure my camera is ready to go.  I have to find help for the kids while I’ll be gone … all weekend. : ) all of these exciting things. 

 but… … the reality of the day was a little different.  I spent most of the time on the phone with a variety of doctors and clinics.  brian with his hernia and punkin with her fever.  it looks like bri will be waiting a bit to see of he can heal on his own and gabrielle will be heading downtown tomorrow to have an echo done on her heart to make sure she doesn’t have kawasaki disease. ???  what the heck is that?

over and above all of this though is the one thing that means the most.  the part I am left speechless about.  and that would be that someone was thinking of me.  someone thought I should be nominated.  someone took time from their live and used it for my benefit. … … …  how have I been blessed with such great friends?  could they be any better? 

I did talk with a few close friends today.  one that nominated me.  one that seconded that motion.  one that will come and help with the kids while I’m out. one that wants to bring dinner over for my family while I am gone.  one that wondered if there was anything she could do.  one that wanted to know about the health of my husband and child.  one that brought supper over tonight. oh, and did I mention my closest friend?  my lover?  whose first response was, ‘well.  I’ll just schedule my surgery for next week.’.  really.  that’s what he said.  and he meant it.  and he was happy for me.

here I sit.  soaking in the love…….  feeling very blessed……  I never would have guessed I would win something by running on empty. 

first day of school '09 044

thank you.  thank you.  thank you.


to see the nomination and the photographers’ blog go to 


6 Responses to “running on empty…”

  1. Truly beautiful to read! Enjoy every moment of your weekend with Me Ra! 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s amazing! Good luck with all of the medical issues you and the fam are dealing with. I hope you’ll be able to just relax and enjoy your fun weekend!

  3. Hi Jenifer,
    I found your blog through Mera’s blog and contest. I had a chance to read through your blog per Mera’s suggestion. Your writing is emotional and beautiful. I know sometimes it feels as if noone is listening but people are. Your story is heartbreaking and inspiring! Congratulations on being nominated! I know you are going to have the best time at this workshop as I attended her Chicago workshop last year. Such an amazing experience from an amazing photographer. I hope this helps in the healing..


  4. Melinda said

    Jenifer have a GREAT TIME at the workshop. I attended Me Ra’s workshop in Seattle and mere words cannot express how much I loved it, how much I took away from the experience. I went in thinking I’d learn some photography skills and have a good time. I ended up learning so much more…so much about myself and what I wanted and needed. It was AMAZING. I am so glad you will get to experience it. Yay!

  5. Hi, I came over from Me Ra’s blog to say Congratualtions! You have been gifted something wonderful, how amazing to see all of the people who love you rally around you and help make this happen! That is only the beginning, I promise:) Enjoy the weekend ahead, it was life changing for me~ soak it all in!

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I am a follower of MeRa and I read the post about you winning. After reading your friends nomination, I came over to visit your blog. First off, I absolutely LOVE the title of your blog. I love the colors and the simplicity of the design. It’s all so simplistic that it guides all of our focus to your words. Your words. Your words are so powerful, so authentic. I’m so thankful to have found your blog because it’s real. It’s hard finding real people in this world.

    I am sorry for your loss but joyful at where it has brought you. My husband lost his mother, father, and 11 year old brother to a car accident back in 2005 so we too understand pain and the process of pain. We are currently going through a book at church called Grieving God’s Way. Have you read it? It’s written by a woman who also lost her child while giving birth. And the woman leading our class lost a child a few hours after giving birth.

    This life is filled with pain and suffering. I know that now. But it’s what we do with that pain that matters. Thanks for doing something great with yours. I know that your words will reach others and I pray they will point them to Jesus.

    In Him,

    P.S. I started to write you to tell you that I’m so excited you can go to Me Ra’s workshop. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to. I’m going to the one next month in Seattle. I hope you are filled up overflowing when you leave the weekend.

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