the moon…

November 1, 2009


when I was headed over to target tonight, I noticed the moon.  so big and bright… just beautiful.  I always love to look at it.  I try to take pictures, but they never do it justice.  anyway, I thought to myself, the only reason the moon is so appealing is because it is reflecting the light of the sun. … …  it sounds so simple. … …  could I just reflect the light of the Son?  could I please cause others to look and wonder in awe, by the Light I am reflecting?  it is only the Light that is so attractive.  on my own, just like the moon, there isn’t much to see.  there has to be another source.  a greater source.

I was also reading tonight about suffering, in a new book called, ‘If God is Good’.  one of the stories he tells is of a young women who encourages 2 other women who happen to be complaining.  she says some simple things about Jesus and how He knows and sees all.  she seemed so warm and kind.  little did they know that there were all kinds of tramas going on in her life.  even though she was in the storm, she reflected the light.  Lord please let me leave people seeing you and not all the storms I face.  I want You  to be the sweet aroma that lingers with them and encourages them.  that through my joy, that you give me everyday, they would hunger after You.


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