November 17, 2009

a new blessing has been sent my way by the name of “F”.  let me start back at the beginning.

back on the 6th, after another hard morning with cole, I told a good friend that I was getting to the point where I didn’t like cole.  a very hard place to be. … very.  I kind of poured it all out, talking about how I had always kept mornings just to our family, how I didn’t want someone in the house at 7:00 in the morning while I’m walking around, half-dazed and braless.  I wanted to do things on my own, but was coming to realize that might not be possible much longer.

I got home and had the same conversation with another good friend… then a neighbor who happened to stop by and then again with the aids at school.  a very sad and humbling day to have to admit that I can’t take care of my kids by myself….. that I don’t even want to sometimes… and worst of all that I find myself not liking 1 of them more and more.

but… Providence had other plans. 

one of the aids in the classroom volunteered to come over and help every morning before I could even finishing explaining the whole situation.  she goes by “F”.  (easiest for the kids with special needs to say) 

right there in front of me was an answer to a prayer I hadn’t even gotten out yet.  someone kind and caring, who all ready knows cole and  loves cole, someone who is an early bird by nature, someone who lives close by, someone who won’t care if I have the clothes folded and the house picked up and most importantly someone who would enjoy  doing this.

amazing.  I’m amazed.  I’m amazed  that I am amazed.  shouldn’t I expect these kind of things by now?  shouldn’t I know God will provide?

Matthew 6:8

…for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.




One Response to ““F”…”

  1. Angela said

    Thank you for sharing your heart! It is so nice to remember that HE knows our needs before I even think to ask HE prepares the hearts around us to be used by HIM and an answer to us!

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