going under…

November 22, 2009

well first off, it’s not what you think.  I mean ‘going under’ as in surgical terms.  I still seem to be doing all right, which is perplexing to me to say the least.

I will be going in to the hospital bright and early, about 5:30, to have a couple different procedures done… hopefully  a couple.  the first is called an endometrial ablation, which is where they scar the inside of your uterus so as to help relieve excessive blood flow during your menstrual cycle.  this happens by not allowing tissue build up because of the scarring.  and the second, Lord willing, is called, essure.  it is the process of inserting tiny metal coils into your fallopian tubes.  your flesh grows over the coils and blocks off the tubes.  female sterilization.  we won’t know if it is going to work until after the ablation because the doctor has to be able to remove the ‘char‘ (from being burned) in order to see the openings of the fallopian tubes.  so I guess, pray for good char removal??  YUCK!  this is gross!

moving on…

I’ve never wanted to have my ability to reproduce taken away from me.  I always thought brian should go in. (which could still happen if the essure can’t be done.)  but now, I have complete peace about it.  I don’t reproduce well………..  I wish I did, but I don’t.  at this point there are just too many risks.  so, this is the best solution.  if my periods were even half  what they are now and I didn’t have the worry of getting pregnant, my life would be less stressful.  I could use less stressful.  and, if God saw fit for us to have more children in our family, He would find a way to get them here.  I believe that with my entire heart.

so, I’ll be resting for a bit.  I don’t know if that means I’ll have more time to blog or if I’ll just want to curl up and enjoy some doctor recommended down time.  either way, I’ll be thinking about you…  no really.  I think about all of you who check in on me daily or weekly.  I pray your lives are going well and that you are being sustained by God.  I pray that you are going deeper with all of your thoughts and ponderings on this journey that is a fight for joy.

pray for a safe procedure, good char removal and another safe procedure…  peace, comfort and rest.   thank you~


One Response to “going under…”

  1. Teresa said

    I am praying for you and hoping for the best possible outcome! I am also thrilled that you will have some down time to just rest.
    Sending love your way, Blog friend!
    Teresa 🙂

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