love, cats and no place to pee…

December 14, 2009

here’s what I learned this weekend.

trying to find a gas station that has an accessible bathroom is difficult.  so, traveling with a 12-year-old that is learning to go potty and uses a wheelchair is difficult.  it looks like the best option we have for going pee while on our way to meme’s is in worthington at the blueline truck stop.  something you may want to be thankful for next time you travel… the ability to stop at the next gas station, whatever it may be, to use the bathroom.

I got a kitty while we were home.  she’s beautiful.  long hair.  white.  the kids were super excited to go into a real barn, with real animals and pick out a kitty from the whole mess of them running around.  I was  excited about this.  of course, I knew way beforehand that this was going to happen.  I was looking forward to it for days.  …  then we got home… and

I just cried.

I don’t really want a cat.  I want a baby.  up until this point, I had been doing well with avoiding getting any small, warm and wiggly creature that might fill a void.  I don’t know what happened this time.  I caved.  now what? 

here’s where the love comes in.  brian asks if I want him to take it back.  as I am laying in bed, crying,  just like a year ago, brian says he can take her back right now… at 11:30 at night. …  back to a little barn in iowa some 5 hours away.  and I know he would have if I had said yes.

we’ll see. we have a busy week and we’ll just have to see if having a kitty will work.

that was my weekend.  as always… thanks for listening.  (I’m open for advice too)  : )


One Response to “love, cats and no place to pee…”

  1. Dawn Synstelien said

    Give that kitty some time. That’s all I have to say.

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