I C U…

December 15, 2009

it’s been a long couple of days.  cole had to get his new braces fit, which takes quite awhile and he also had to have an EEG done to monitor seizure activity… a sleep deprived  EEG.  this means we had to keep him up late, like 12:30, and then wake him up early, like 5:00.  needless to say, we’re a little wiped out.  thankfully, the neurologist didn’t see anything suspicious and is not all that worried about a new batch of seizures coming on. 

so, as cole and I were walking through the hallways of the hospital today, half-dazed, between tests, trying to find a ‘doughnut’, I saw the ICU sign.  and my mind immediately went to a devotion I had read yesterday morning.  it was about God knowing my name… your name… every single persons name.  I have to say I was comforted.  as I read I. C. U., I thought I know You do… and I’m so glad that You do.  I thought, as I sat in that big brown recliner trying to balance a sleep deprived 12-year-old with spastic limbs and 2 dozen electrodes glued to his head and the nurse turned on a cd of lullabies, with ‘baby mine’ being the first one to play, and I had to hold it all in… … He saw me.  as cole looked at me on the verge of tears and the biggest frown because the nurse was trying to scrub the glue off of his tired little head He saw him too.  as brian went about his busy day of work so he can pay the bills and keep his family fed, God knew right where he was.  while dawson sat yawning at his desk with his oversized sweatshirt on and tapping out some beat with his pencil eraser, there was no surprise to our sovereign Lord.  when gabrielle played carelessly all afternoon with her friend, eating snacks, playing wii, throwing the ball for the dog, God had his eyes on her.  as some dear friends of ours watch a little white kitty wander around and check out her new home that they have welcomed her into… a safe and loving home that is about as good as it is gonna get for a last-minute kitten, or even a planned out one at that, God sees each one of them. 

I am so thankful for this big and awesome God.  One who is always in control, never lets anything slip by, using every little thing for His purpose and His glory.  I am so awed by the fact that He does  know my name… that He does  see me in all of my comings and goings.  I’m so humbled that I know Him… that the veil has been lifted for me… that I know his voice.

thank you.

thank you.

John 10:14

I am the good Shepard; I know my sheep and my sheep know me-


One Response to “I C U…”

  1. Mary said

    Thanks for this perspective, Jenifer. You’re right on!

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