December 20, 2009

we recently watched UP.  it is a good movie.  I would recommend it.  I like that it is a little more real…  not all rainbows and fairy tales.  whose life is?  it does end well, and I’m happy about that too.

I had to post this clip for you in case you hadn’t seen it.  of course I easily project myself and brian as ‘elle and carl’.  how she’s always talking and how he is content to listen and just be with her.  and oh how it breaks my heart to even think for a moment of us not being together.  the only way to calm myself about that dreaded moment, that will surely come, is to remember that we will be in heaven together.  we will be best of friends and get to do all of those things we weren’t able to do here.  we’ll even be able to be with luke… our whole family. 

anyway, if I’ve ever seen a life together documented so well, it would be this video clip.  I hope it makes you appreciate the adventure that you are on at the moment.  I hope it makes you think of a life well lived.  I hope it makes you appreciate love.  … 


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