when Christmas is stripped bare…

December 21, 2009

I’m just not that into it.  I don’t really care about the tree, the cards, the presents, even the singing.  I mean, I am enjoying them… but on a new, very superficial level.  maybe more like a silent observer to everyone elses madness.  you could take it all away and I don’t think it would affect my day much.  even my kids are strangely subdued.  they didn’t even say anything about the fact that there were no presents under the tree until just this saturday, and that was really only because they did some shopping of there own for brian and I.

a year ago I was hoping with all that I had that luke wouldn’t die on brian’s birthday.  how would any emotion ever top that at this time of year? … ‘please don’t let the baby die, please don’t let the baby die’  that was all that was in my head.  and now…  I guess I’m just still sitting here stunned.  it makes stocking stuffers seem pretty insignificant.

I have to say though, that as I am looking around trying to find the blessing in this, I keep coming back to the same answer.  Christmas was never supposed to be about all of those things anyway.  it was never supposed to be a burden.  it was never supposed to be a secular, commercial industry event. … … it is all about the one baby boy who made all the difference in the world.  He came into the world so poor and meek and yet would save all that would only believe on Him.

so, I guess having Christmas stripped bare may not be such a bad thing.  maybe even something that we all need in our lives.


One Response to “when Christmas is stripped bare…”

  1. Joe said

    thank you for sharing. that was a wonderful post…

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