we’re sending some balloons…

December 30, 2009


I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this for days…  it isn’t coming to me.  not in some nice story type fashion anyway.  nothing fancy, just me pouring out some words.  so here it goes.

after much deliberation we’ve decided we will go out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate luke’s life.  that is what the kids kept picking on a regular basis, and I guess it makes sense.  we go out to eat for everyone else’s birthday.  after that we are going to go get some balloons.  a lot of balloons.  all shades of blue.  we’re going to write little notes and messages, probably lots of luke 12:31, and then let them all go.  we’re sending them up to heaven if you will.  maybe this is silly… I don’t know.  maybe it’s just as okay as any other thing that we could think of.  anyway… that’s the plan.

now here is my special request.  I’d love for you  to send a balloon too.  I’d love to have a picture of you sending the balloon.  I don’t care if it is today, tomorrow, next week or even in may when you happen to see some balloons for sale.  it is just a little something that says I’m thinking of you.  I can’t wait to meet luke.  don’t feel obligated.  really.  I know this isn’t everyone’s kind of thing.  that’s okay.  I just wanted to extend the invite to those of you who might want to participate.

much love to you my friends… who continue to love me, carry me, calm me and encourage me.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.  without you and a good deal of grace.


you can send the pics to matthews5@q.com  … thanks again.  I’ll post them to share.


4 Responses to “we’re sending some balloons…”

  1. Noel said

    What a wonderful idea. Your family will be doing what your family does for birthdays. And friends can join in too. I know there will be tears, but I hope you will feel yourself a year farther on in your mixture of grief and thanks for Luke.

  2. Teresa said

    That is a fantastic idea! I have a friend that also lost a baby. He lived 9 days. ON his 1st birthday the family did the very same thing. His name was Liam. I think it is very meaningful. I am praying for you and your family, precious one!
    Teresa Savage

  3. Teresa said

    ON another note I should share a little laughter with you….
    I mentioned to you that my brother and father were killed in a plane crash and just 3 months after the crash it would have been my brother’s 25th birthday. We had a giant party for him and had all of the friends and family in attendance release balloons with messages to him also. I said a little teary something to the crowd before we all released them. Just as we released them a big gust of wind came through and all of the baloons got caught in a tree. (I should have known better since it was November 1st in Seattle) Through the tears we all burst into laughter and knew that if my brother could see us he would be laughing too. We have pictures and it’s just one of those memories that makes me smile. We got out the ladder and using a rake shook each one free.
    I’ll say it again – you are in my prayers!!!
    Teresa Savage

  4. Tammy Hiveley said

    We are honored and excited to be able to join in on this love note to baby Luke. We will forward you photos sometime soon! You are in our prayers.
    ~Tammy Hiveley

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