complain or be thankful…

January 30, 2010

so I’m standing in the shower when brian pokes his head in the bathroom to tell me that one of dawson’s friends is over to play and cole just got home with his aide and her daughter… in other words, there are now 7 people just outside the bathroom door.  (we have 1 bathroom that opens almost center to the whole house.)  …  I started to mumble under my breath about how nice it might be to have my own bathroom…  ahhh, just imagine… my own bathroom off of my own bedroom… it wouldn’t matter who  was in the house.

thankfully, the little angel that sits on my right shoulder quickly started telling the devil on my left what she thought about the situation.  things like, let’s be happy for the bathroom… the hot water, the scented body wash, the moisturizing shampoo and the curl enhancing conditioner, the yummy smelling face wash which gets alternated with the also yummy smelling facial exfoliant… let’s be thankful for the beautifully tiled shower and the pretty rug we’re about to step out on… how about the super fluffy towel waiting on the hand-picked towel hook right beside the super plush robe waiting on its own hand-picked hook… further more, how about the nice warm house the bathroom is in, the ability to pay the mortgage and the water bill…  on and on the little angel goes. 

do I complain or be thankful?  I choose thankful.


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