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February 4, 2010

so I was in a class I didn’t really want to be in, in someone else’s church and with a homework assignment that I didn’t want to do.  you couldn’t imagine what they were asking me to do.  of course, it is the name of the class… but I was expecting lectures… not homework.

if you haven’t guessed by now, I’ll just tell you.  my assignment is to be able to tell someone what the gospel is in 150 words or less  and write out my testimony in 150 words too.  my knee jerk reaction was that I should probably quit the class.  I don’t want to ‘share the gospel’… not my gift.  honestly, I was surprised at myself about how much I didn’t want to do this.  I was feeling like, ‘I think I’m pretty clear on where I stand and people can just figure it out from there.’ … then I started to feel bad… ‘why is this so upsetting to me?’  …  ‘I should be able to do this easily.’ … ‘I talk about Jesus all the time.’ …  ‘I think people know that I love Him.’ 

anyway, after a lot of this endless talking in my head about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should do this.  I should be able  to do this.  evangelism still isn’t my gift, but I need to be ready to give an answer when someone asks.  and, although my life can be an example I still need to be able to explain why  my life is different, better.  people do need to know exactly why and how I’ve come to this place so that perhaps, Lord willing, they will want their lives to be different, better.  God won’t make your life different, better just because you know about him and his Son.  there is a responsibility on each  person’s part too.  so here’s my condensed testimony and the gospel as simply put as I could get it.  let me know what you think.  and please, if any of you have questions about making the move from head knowledge to heart knowledge, about becoming one of God’s children, a true believer… contact me.  for me the key question was, ‘if you die tonight, will you go to heaven?’  … ‘I hope so.’ … shouldn’t be an answer.



I grew up in a nice home, attended church and  was well loved.  I expected to have my own ‘nice’ life as I became an adult.  It hasn’t quite turned out that way.  While my marriage has been a true blessing, we’ve had to face some serious challenges.  Our first born has cerebral palsy and our fourth child died shortly after birth.  Both of these things are things that I thought would have pushed me over the edge… whether by a mental break down or suicide but … they have not.  Because of my faith, I’m still here.  I’m not only still here, but I  have a deep deep joy in my life that just doesn’t make sense outside of having this personal relationship with Jesus.  It is through these trials that I have been  able to take what I knew in my head as religion, and have it changed into what I now know in my heart as faith in Christ.

The Gospel


God loves us.  He wants us to be with him.  He wants to have a personal relationship with us.The problem is SIN.  We all sin.  (Rom. 3:23) Not just big sins, little everyday sins… anger, self-centeredness, cheating, lies.  These sins separate us from God, (Isiah 59:2) and God tells us that the penalty for our sins is death. (Rom. 6:23)The good news is that God has provided a way out of the punishment that we deserve.  He sent Jesus, his perfect son, to take our place.  Through his sinless life and death on the cross, we can have eternal life.Our part is to recognize that we’ve sinned and accept this gift of forgiveness.  The bible says that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  (Rom. 10:9)


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