3 gifts falling …

October 2, 2013

this started yesterday. a daily practice of being thankful for the entire month of October, part of a joy dare from ann voskamp.  I am up for it.  I would love to spend the day thinking of 3 ‘somethings’ to be thankful for… it is good for my heart.  and my soul.  this is also part of my coming back to blog.  I have more to say than will fit conveniently in a FB post.  here goes.  let’s see if we can shake the dust off of these scattered and weary thoughts and pull them together.

3 gifts falling

falling in love with that nice looking blonde, who had my heart stirring and warm sensations of curiosity spreading over me… through me, like melting butter the second I saw that blue IROC come into town.

falling even deeper when that same blonde sat by my head, gently brushing my hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear as 4 little ones, warm and pink, were pulled from my cut open abdomen into the stark and blinding lights of an operating room.

falling to my knees … … … in joy, in utter despair, in the mundane everydayness and in those few moments of as close to glory as it will ever be here on this earth.

coming back…

October 2, 2013

after years away, I am trying to come back.  it has been recommended on more than one occasion by more than one person.  it helps.  it clears my mind … I believe it clears my mind more than any drug or any diet.  it is just something I need to do.