soapbox[1]where to start……

well first off, i guess i want to say that murder is wrong.  obviously, that is why i am pro-life.  we can’t have people going vigilante whenever they see fit.  this society is just holding on anyway … take away the rules and we’ll all be in alot of trouble.

i feel bad for the family of dr. tiller.  he leaves behind a wife, children and grandchildren.  even though the man has taken the lives of an estimated 60,000 babies in the last 35 years, (that’s about 4 a day, every day) and made millions doing it, it is not the responsibility of a single person to decide his fate.

i pray that the actions of this one crazed man do not harmfully effect the pro-life movement.  most protesters are law abiding and peaceful.  it wouldn’t be fair to group all pro-lifers or conservatives in the same category as the shooter.

even though dr. tiller was shot in his church, i do not believe the man to be a christian.  if he were a true follower of Christ, he wouldn’t be making a living taking the lives of innocents.  i think this makes a very valid, interesting and scary point.  being in a church doesn’t make you any more a believer and follower of Christ than being in a mcdonalds makes you a french fry.  his sheep know his voice and follow him … accordingly … wanting to do his will. 

hopefully the last 2 doctors in the country that are still preforming late term abortions will either step down or be brought to justice.  (legally)  no matter which side of the fence you are on: pro-life, pro-choice, conservative, liberal, left winger or right winger  you have to see how horrendous the act of late term, partial birth abortion is.  this is a life!  fully formed!   you can’t fight for fair treatment of all peoples, like terrorists, and not stand up for those who have no voice at all, the truly helpless.

 this really hits home now as just a few months ago as i was fighting to save my late term baby, someone else was voluntarily having theirs killed.  i’ve held that tiny life in my hands!  how could you possibly kill a baby?!?  how can you throw it away?!?  if you’ve gone this far, just hang on a little bit longer and there will be any number of good families waiting to take the child for you!  i would take them!  i’m just waiting for someone to drop off a baby at my door!!!

i better step down now before i just start to rant.  i’ll be praying for the tiller family, the shooter, all the women who  have had abortions, the prolife movement, the women trying to make this decision  and i think most importantly, all those who would call themselves christians without the actions to back that up.  being a follower of christ is alot more than attending church on sunday.  it is more than a proclaimed faith. 

James 2:14 -26

i’ll step down … for now.