look  at this beautiful face…


valentine's 09 004

when did he get so big?  how can he possibly be 10 years old?

he is one of my 4 favorite children.  my middle monkey.  my tender heart.  i love him so very much.  i worry about just as much.  he is so tender that i often fear he has been hurt by any little thing that someone has done or said.  naturally i just want to protect him from any and every little hurt that might come his way.

a little more about him…

born on may 20, 1999 at 8:40 in the morning by cesarean.  a good baby from the start.  easy going, never fussy, cute as all get out, good napper, good eater, healthy.  people would say ‘is he always like this?’ and i could honestly say ‘yes.’  he’s wonderful.

dawson has always been a compassionate child.  the first day of preschool he noticed a little girl with a hearing disability playing by herself and he took her some tools to play with. (she may have wanted a more girly thing, but, he did think of her)  he always looks out for the littlist kid in the game and makes sure they get a turn to have the ball too.

as he is getting bigger, it won’t be long before he is as tall as me, he is becoming more his own person.  finding the things he likes and doesn’t like, games he wants to play and sports he is not interested in.  he’s more of a chess player than a football player and he’d rather have some alone time than be go go going all the time.  he is a thinker, and a worrier.  he wants to know all about heaven and he wants to hear from God.  he worries about how he will get cole out of the house if there is  a fire….. 

i fear the time when he needs and wants his mama are coming to a close.  i hope to always be able to hug him and love him and ruffle his hair.  maybe since he is more of a lover he will always allow me that privilege. 

 i want big things for him … like a strong and steadfast relationship with God, a wife who will honor and respect him … (i know he will love her with all he is, he’s like his daddy), a healthy family of his own and a mind free of worry.  what will he do, where will he be???  i have not a clue.  he could be a garbage truck driver, an elementary teacher and PE coach, a missionary, an engineer …….  i hope he lives close, but maybe he will be called to spend much of his time in third world countries translating bibles. 

no matter where or who or how …. i will love him so and be so proud to be dawson’s mama. 


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