Here’s a little history on us. 

Brian and I met on July 3, (I don’t remember the year)… I was 15.  There was a street dance in Whiting, the small town that Brian is from, like there always is.  I was piling out of a van full of girls to run across the street and that’s when he saw me.  No really.  That’s what he has since told me.  He happened to be driving by just as I was running across the street.  He told the girl that was with him to duck down, she was just a friend. : )  “Who is that girl (me) with the ponytail and short shorts?”  He just had to find out. 

A little later on in the evening, we were hanging out at the town park.  (The dance is kind of boring, you know, old people sitting around ‘remembering when’.)  This is when I first see him.  Of course I think he is soo cute and he has a cool car and he is a college guy.  We all hang around and talk for awhile and then we both went different ways to do different things with different groups of people.  Still later in the evening, as everything is winding down, I am at the park with a couple friends getting ready to go home.  Brian comes back into town.  I am very excited to see his blue camaro IROC coming around the corner even though I don’t know his name.  We all talk for a little bit longer and than he insists he drive me home.  Shawn, the boy who is supposed to take me home, says no.  Brian keeps insisting that he take me home because it is on his way.  It absolutely is not on his way, it is about 20 miles out of his way.  Needless to say, I chose to go home with the college guy, that I didn’t know his name but did know he had been drinking… smart huh?  Proof that 15 year olds don’t always make good decisions.  I did put my seatbelt on however, just to be safe.

Nothing much happened that night.  He dropped me off, I don’t think we even kissed.  It took me a couple weeks to find out his name from other friends.  Then we saw each other in Sloan, one night at the park, and he offered to take me home again and the we’ve been together ever since. 


Now here we are, 17 years later, and it just keeps getting better.  We don’t fight, never have.  We just love each other…alot!  We are best friends.  We have had some big challenges… our first born, Cole, with cerebral palsy, and most recently our loss of our fourth child, Luke.  We have, how ever, been extremely blessed through all these years.  We have 3 beautiful kids here and 1 waiting for us in heaven, a little house in the suburbs with a picket fence around the yard and neighbors and friends that we just love.  How amazing!  Only God could bring such joy from the meeting of a misguided 15 year old girl and a 21 year old college guy looking for love. ; ) 



door county '09 058

as you look at this picture, keep in mind that I have no idea what brian is doing with his face… or hands for that matter.  he’s such a … ? …  I don’t even know what to call him.  this is what I’m dealing with. ; )

I love him.  so much that I can’t even explain it.  there aren’t words.  just like I can’t describe the depth of pain I know, I can’t describe the depth of love either.  he is my rock in this shaky world.   my steadfast love.  whenever I say, ‘I love you’ to him he always says, ‘I love you more’ back.  … … … sometimes I think he’s right.  it isn’t that I don’t love him, as I’ve said before, but he does love me and take care of me at such a level of ‘what can I do to make you happy’, that sometimes I wonder if I can love back as much.


our little adventure was great.  we fall right back into what it was like before kids.  it is so nice to go to bed when you want, get up when you want, eat when you want… the list goes on.  having kids really is a sacrifice.  it is an absolute blessing and yet a sacrifice of self needs and wants.

the countryside of door county is beautiful.  rolling hills, picturesque farms, crashing waves along the shore, little towns and autumn at its peak.  it was amazing.  to look around and see all the handiwork of God.  from the color and tiny details of leaves that cannot be duplicated or captured on film to the vastness of water, so deep and dark.  here He is all around us, in all of our everydayness.  you just have to see  it as you are looking all around.  when we were up on top of a tower in peninsula state park, there amongst the graffiti was a psalm…

door county '09 034

Psalm 104:3

He lays the beams of his chambers  on the waters;

he makes the clouds his chariot;

he rides on the wings of the wind;

very fitting I thought as I gazed out over waters stretching to the horizon, clouds being blown through the sky and the wind in my hair.



it was good to get away.  to spend some time just being us…  at one point, when we were driving by endless cottages and bed and breakfast places, all promising a romantic stay, I said, ‘we’re not really romantic’.  brian, always with an answer, said, ‘we’re passionate.’  there is a reason I call him sugarmouth.  it’s because he always has an answer that makes me smile. … and he would say that is his main goal … almost all the time.  he’s right of course. …  my hero. …  always there. …  my steady.  I love him.

door county '09 049


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