i love you 09 011

a girl after my own heart…

oh how long I prayed for this child.  4 years actually.  please God, could I just have a blue eyed girl with curly hair like her mama.  I got what I asked for… and then some.

a little more about punkin.  born september 4,  2003 by scheduled cesarean in the late morning.  beautiful.  absolutely beautiful.  a full head of hair, that never fell out.  big blue eyes.  not an easy child… ever.  never napped.  like the other babies who have a nice morning nap and then the 2 or 3 hour afternoon nap.  never.  she didn’t want to miss anything.  she would catnap here and there when it was convenient for her.  she didn’t ever really learn to sit, she didn’t have time.  walking by 9 months, not cruising along furniture, walking!  looking so odd at just 15 lbs.  and honestly, I don’t remember her ever not talking.  trying to sit on the potty by herself at 15 months.  we were afraid she’d fall in.  determined.  very determined.

as she is growing up, her character traits only get stronger.  she’s a pistol, a firecracker, a handful.  her good looks are balanced out by her mischievousness.  people tell her constantly how pretty she is, we try to tell her she is smart.  she is passionate and causes those around her to feel passionately too.  whatever the emotion she is evoking at the time, it is usually a pretty strong one.

she is turning into a good little helper.  she does things around the house for me.  she loves to be right by my side.  mostly  she likes to make stuff in the kitchen, especially jello.  she also loves to crack eggs.  she is a great help with cole.  better than dawson.  I’m not sure if it is just easier for the female to be an aid or what.  she copies what she sees our helpers do.  she reads to cole and plays with him and says kind things.  this morning as I was getting ready in the bathroom I heard her talking with cole and she was telling him thank you for the little brush he gave her to come her dolls hair.  then she said to him, ‘that was  my favorite present cole.’.  : )  I’m pretty sure the doll was her actual favorite, but she tries to make him feel good and special.

what will she be, where will she go?  I have no idea.  I just pray that God harnesses all her will power and determination for good.  she could do mighty things out there in this big world as long as her heart stays true to Jesus.

I love her.  I just love her.


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